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Address:13F-1,No.2 , Bau Sheng Rd., Yungho Dist ,New Taipei City ,Taiwan
Zip/Post Code:234
Contact Person:Christine Chiu
Job Title:Manager
Address:13F-1,No.2 , Bau Sheng Rd., Yungho Dist ,New Taipei City ,Taiwan
Zip/Post Code:234
Contact Person:Christine Chiu
Job Title:Manager


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  • Skin Care Equipment (PLF-2013)Wood Lamp(PLF-2013)

    Skin Care Equipment (PLF-2013)Wood Lamp Functions: Ultilizing it to inspect and diagnose the characteristics of skin so that an effective skincare operation can be performed accordingly. Features: Equipped with a spec...

  • Deluxe Beauty Instrument(KT-7011)

    Replaceable Two Function Deluxe Beauty Instrument (KT-7011) Functions: Uses alternating currents which change direction extremely rapidly and can pass through the body without the person feeling them. No muscle contra...

  • Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber(KT-5110)

    Beauty Equipment (KT-5110) Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber Functions: Super power of deep cleaning skin; painlessly remove pimples acnes, wrinkles, stratum corneum, pigmentation. ============================== Specification:...

  • Beauty Equipment Diamod Peeling(KT-5003)

    Beauty Equipment (KT-5003) Diamod Peeling Functions: ?Remove the dead skin cells on the skin. ?Improve the pimples,pied,rough,melanin on the skin. ?Remove out the wrinkles and keep skin be delicate and shining. ======...

  • Ultrasonic & Motive Light(KT-3058)

    Beauty Equipment (KT-3058) Ultrasonic & Motive Light Functions: This effect cells micro massage,it promotes blood circulation and enchances metabolism,improve dark circle & reduce lines. Using motive light can produce...

  • Mini Facial Steamer(KT-2000)

    Beauty Equipment (KT-2000) Mini Facial Steamer Functions: 1.1 Stimulate blood circulation, expedite metabolism and eliminate dirt in the pores. 1.2 The addition of to the steam helps to sterilize the vapor and disinfe...

  • Beauty Equipment Skin Inspection Lamp(KT-1029)

    Beauty Equipment (KT-1029) Skin Inspection Lamp Functions: Beautician and customer can inspect and diagnose. The Skin Inspection Lamp is used by the skin care professional to help analyze skin conditions and different...

  • Skin Massager(PLF-2011)

    Skin Massager (PLF-2011) Digital Decompress Instrument (1)Low Frequency (2)Wrinkle remover Its principle is using the electric frequency wave to massage and stimulate skin for reducing relaxing and increasing elastici...

  • Skin Care Equipment(PLF-2036)

    Skin Care Equipment (PLF-2036) This is six-function in one device, which it is including : 1. Skin moisture tester This function is available to know the skin moisture condition. 2. Ultrasonic: Ultrasonic is utilzing ...

  • Skin Care Equipment Motive Light(PLF-2039)

    Skin Care Equipment (PLF-2039) Motive Light Its princple is composed of eight-emitting diodes(LED) of high irrediance and low electric current to permeate into dermis directly. It affects skin recovers faster,producin...

  • Skin Care Products(KUM-220)

    Skin Care Products (KUM-220) ● 1 million times supersonic vibration,deep skin warming up by physical and chemical effects. ● Safety over temperature protection ● Stainless steel head avoid chemical corrosion. Function...

  • Personal Skin Scrubber(KUS-028)

    Personal Skin Scrubber (KUS-028) 1. By ultrasonic can introduce the cleaning lotion deep into the deep skin. 2. By ultrasonic can micro massage the skin and also strengthen the skin tissue metabolism. 3. Remove the ac...

  • Skin Care Products(KUM-200)

    Skin Care Products (KUM-200) Specifications: 1. Power source: . Input: 100 V, 110 V, 120 V, 230 V, 50/60 Hz (adaptor used) . Output: 12 VDC, 600 mA 2. Power consumption: 8 W 3. Effective intensity: approx. 0.5 W/cm² 4...

  • Magic Polar (WS-219) Beauty machine(WS-219)

    Magic Polar (WS-219) Beauty machine MAGIC POLAR is a device according to oriental meridian beauty spa let your beauty born from inside out This device is an oriental meridian treatment, which it is by nine poles to al...

  • Foot Pedal(G-8330)

    . G-8330 foot pedal (for any Palifull machine) . G-8331 adaptor

  • Mouth Guard(PLF-TA1)

    1. Model: PLF-TA1 (Mouth Guard) 2. To protect teeth and stretch lip for easy to tattooing. 3. Material: rubber